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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Super amplified unconditional love is Thee Source energy creating this our presently manifest universe.
Loved Ones…energy is energy

energy is a continuum…

the source of this energy which makes you and me…the birds and the stars…the energy which makes the dirt and the sky…it all is the energy of the unconditional love of our Divine Parents Mother and Father God.

Super amplified unconditional love is Thee Source energy creating this our presently manifest universe.

All of this energy is a continuum…all energy….and this stream of individual units of this love energy arranges themselves into individualized units of awareness and consciousness each in their own way…

Hummingbirds have their own consciousness as hummingbirds…

Ants have their own consciousness as ants…

Trees have their own consciousness as trees…

You have your own consciousness as you…the incarnated person reading this now…

Loved Ones it is most true that all of these various units of energy all concur to partake in their own privileged orders of frameworks of this one super consciousness…

All of these units of consciousness are sourced and are a part of the Divine Consciousness of Mother and Father God…

You are a child of God…your really really are…

we are all brothers and sisters…Hamas, Israelis, Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, Palestinians, Africans, Indians, Peruvians, New Zealanders, French, Italians, Polynesians, Aborigines …all of us …the entire lot of this our own humanity presently incarnated on this planet are all of the same source…we are all one family….

So you see loved ones…as this stream of unconditional love energy spews from our Divine Parents making the Sun warm the earth… growing the grains which nourish your cells… making up your eyes and your cortex …this continuum of love energy is provided because you are God’s children and God loves all his children…God loves Hamas, Israelis, Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, Palestinians, Africans, Indians, Peruvians, New Zealanders, French, Italians, Polynesians, Aborigines…all of us are held in the palm of the unconditionally loving hands of our Mother and Father God…

At this time…I petition for the Golan Heights to become a source for loving actions by Israeli and Palestinian peoples if it is God’s Will…I petition and ask that in Mother Gods Name and in the Name of Our Lord Jesus the Christ.

You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers.

Samuel Joseph Bell

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
"Bishops have tried to hide this for years, so there is no reason to believe all of a sudden they would change their ways.

April 2008 George W. Bush greets leader of religion which has sexually abused 10,000+ children in the United States of America.

Sexual abuse of youths and children in the U.S. by Roman Catholic priests had been quietly discussed for decades. A series of books on the topic was published -- starting during the 1990s, and continuing today. But it was only in early 2002 that a moral panic surfaced, alleging widespread child and youth sexual abuse by priests. The little data that is available seems to indicate that the abusers represent a very small percentage of the total priesthood. Further, very few of those priests who do abuse are actually pedophiles, as the media often reports. Rather they are hebephiles -- generally adult priests with a homosexual or bisexual orientation, and who are also sexually attracted to post-pubertal males. Their victims are teenage males who are generally aged 16 and 17.

It is important to keep in mind that the vast majority of priests, with a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual orientation, do not molest or sexually abuse young people.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned a survey of Roman Catholic church records of abusive clergy, to be completed by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The survey is one component of the Dallas Charter, a plan developed by the bishops in 2002 to respond to allegations of widespread child abuse by priests, and of extensive cover-ups by the church. obtained a draft copy of the report and posted a summary on their web site on 2004-FEB-17. 1 The final version was released on 2004-FEB-27.
Some of the raw data contained in the report:

Years covered: 1950 to 2002.

Percentage of bishops who provided information: 97% 3

Total number of allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests: 11,000.

Number substantiated: 6,700 (61%).

Number unsubstantiated: 1,000 (9.1%).

Number which were not investigated because the allegations were made after the priest's death: 3,300.

Number of priests who served during the interval: 110,000.

Number of priests alleged to have abused children: 4,450.

Percentage of abusive priests: 4.0%

Number of priests who are currently serving: 44,000

Number of cases of abuse per priest:

Most priests were accused of a single event

1,112 priests (25.0%) had two or three allegations

578 priests (13%) had four to nine allegations.

133 priests (2.9%) had ten or more allegations.

Age of the victims:

Almost 6% were 7 years of age or younger.

16% were 8,9 or 10 years old.

78% were 11 to 17 years old.

Factors contributing to the abuse problem, as stated by the report:

Failure by the hierarchy to grasp the seriousness of the problem

Overemphasis on the need to avoid a scandal.

Use of unqualified treatment centers.

Misguided willingness to forgive.

Insufficient accountability.

According to Paul McHugh, a member of the National Review Board, the epidemic of child abuse cases sprang up "...early in the 1960s and reached tidal-wave proportions in the 1970s and early 1980s." The report suffers from what public-health workers call "reporting bias." Some details of the 11,000 cases of alleged abuse are known. But there exists another "pool of victims of unknown size...outside of their accounting..." They might never come to light. By reaching back to the year 1950, the John Jay study showed that the 1950s were comparatively free of predators. It went relatively unrecognized during the 1970s and 1980s.

Responses to the draft survey:
Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued a written statement saying, in part:
"I have not seen the reports, and so I cannot comment on their substance. But I want to reaffirm that the bishops requested these studies so that we could understand as fully as possible what caused this terrible occurrence in the life of our community to make sure that it never happens again."

"My heart goes out to all who have suffered, and I assure them especially that the bishops are committed to fully implementing the Dallas Charter and will continue to work with the Office of Child and Youth Protection and the National Review Board to reach out to victims and prevent such abuse from occurring in the future."

David Clohessy director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) stated on 2004-FEB-16 that the numbers are low. He is reported as saying:
"Bishops have tried to hide this for years, so there is no reason to believe all of a sudden they would change their ways. The only prudent thing to do is to assume this is not the entire truth. This is a survey, not a report or investigation."
Steve Krueger, who heads the Voice of the Faithful --a Catholic group formed in response to the priest sex abuse scandal -- suggests that the report is incomplete.

He said:
"Although it counts the number of children who have been abused, the number of priests who have abused children, the total financial cost to the church, it does not chronicle the number of bishops who knowingly re-assigned priests who had abused children...Without that kind of investigation, there can be no accountability."

Tom Roberts, editor of the National Catholic Reporter stated:
"This has long ceased to be just a scandal about sex abuse. It's a scandal about abuse of power and trust, and a breech of faith with people."

General observations:

It is important to keep one's eye on the forest and not on the trees. Even if, as this report estimates, four percent of priests have sexually abused youths or children, that still leaves about 96% of priests (24 priests out of every 25) who are non-abusive.

A very large percentage of the victims of sexual abuse by priests are 16 or 17 years of age. In some jurisdictions, young persons of this age range can consent to sexual activity. Sexual activity with youth in that age range would be a gross violation of the Church's expectation of priestly chastity. It would be considered by many to be an abuse of trust by a person in authority. However, it might not be considered a criminal act in some areas.

Loved George W. Bush gave a enormous birthday party on the White House lawn for Joe Ratzinger, a member of the Hitler Youth, millions of astonished Americans watched on T.V.

I petition that all those participants in glorifying this religious leader learn all their lessons with the least amount of pain.

Samuel Joseph Bell

Sunday, April 6, 2008
You can help people move away from poverty
Send old mobiles to Manila

Loved are being asked to ferret out disused cellphones so they can be donated to budding entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

Vodafone NZ is launching a new partnership with a not-for-profit organisation, Enable Community, which takes old mobiles to the Philippines where they are refurbished.

They want to collect more than 100,000 functional mobile phones a year to be handed on to aid small business development for people on the poverty line.

Russell Stanners, Vodafone chief executive, said a mobile for someone in the developing world was not a lifestyle accessory.

"It provides core communication, aiding financial independence and is helping many people move away from poverty."

Mr Stanners said Vodafone estimated there were currently several million old mobiles in cupboards, drawers and glove-boxes unused.

The current collection rate was 40,000 mobiles per year and Vodafone wanted to raise that to at least 100,000.

"There are 600,000 micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines alone who could use our help."

The mobiles which still worked were sent to the Philippines, and the mobiles which didn't work were recycled sustainably.

The functional mobiles had their covers and batteries replaced by people in the Philippines, which created employment, to make them as good as new before they were given to micro-entrepreneurs like Filipino woman Deomedita Sapasap. She had five children, ran a sewing business and used her mobile to keep in touch with clients and thereby increase her daily orders.

By running her own business she was able to save money to send her children to school.

Matthew Steine, founder of Enable Community, said three quarters of the world's population lived in mobile network coverage areas.

However, only about one-third had a mobile.

For more information go to:

You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers

Samuel Joseph Bell

Thursday, April 3, 2008
Jesse Ventura would not have led us into Iraq and would have avoided the Katerina disaster
Loved Ones…the present Washington leadership who marched our military into Iraq themselves have never marched into any conflict anywhere…

I suspect they would even been too scared to go bow hunt a wild boar…which does take some amount of courage…

However the Pro-Wrestler-turned-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura who was himself a navy seal and knows what courage is all about…went on Larry King Live Tuesday…spoke honestly…with no make up or teleprompter… and shared his honest perspectives on a variety of topics, including his take on the 2008 presidential candidates, what he's looking for in a commander-in-chief, and whether he plans on running for president.

Mr. Ventura told Larry King that he thinks it's time for a revolution in the United States

that we are a nation of "lemmings,"

and that the only real difference between the two major political parties and street gangs are that the politicians wear expensive tax payer purchased Brooks Brothers suits

After blasting the two-party "dictatorship" in America, he gave his opinion of the three presidential candidates. Gutless...lacking integrity...completely under the control of Big Business...

And he reserved special judgment for the "chicken hawks" who he said marched the country into war in Iraq.

“As I begin to write this book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!,” I’m facing probably the most monumental decision of my 56 years on this planet. Will I run for president of the United States, as an independent, in 2008? Or will I stay as far away from the fray as possible, in a place with no electricity, on a remote beach in Mexico?”

Jesse went on to say, “My outrage knows few bounds. … I can’t live with this apathy. I can’t tell myself it’s not happening.”

While on Larry King Jesse detailed a conversation he had in Mexico with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about running together on an independent, third-party ticket.

Loved Ones...The United States is currently governed by mass delusion...people are being led around by a complete fabrication of fiction...and also are paying the consequences...and will continue to dig themselves deeper into the financial and spiritual much money can America borrow from China/Russia/Middle East?

Loved Ones...if you value your freedom...value Jesse Ventura.

Jesse Ventura and all his loved ones are always in my prayers,

Samuel Joseph Bell


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