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Monday, September 05, 2005
Loved ones…
Ultraterrestrials are people who have been encountered….
in the normal daily world in an “alternate” or “parallel” existence,
yet still operating within this one reality.

It is very unlikely that more than one ‘physical reality’ like ours exists,
yet there is a theoretical possibility that another CO-EXISTENT ‘world’ might exist on the opposite end or polarity of the electromagnetic barrier.

Many humanoid inhabitants of this loving alternate world have arrived via a vortex from within this our own world…

following is one of the earlier papers investigating
these gentle source sparks of unconditional love flickering around this planet…

From UFOs and the Limits of Science by Ronald D. Storey c.1981

Reproduced for educational purposes only

The Ultraterrestrials Theory

In the late 1960s, a number of UFO authorities became disenchanted with the Extraterrestrials Hypothesis, which they now considered antiquated.

Impatient with the lack of "contact" over the years, these individuals have moved on to accept a more esoteric concept, involving "Ultraterrestrials” in a "parallel universe."

These interdimensional beings are thought to share our own space, but at a different "vibratory level” of existence, and that time may have no meaning for them.

John A. Keel, one of the major thinkers in this area, believesThat UFOs are "nothing more than transmogrifications tailoring themselves to our abilities to understand...” and that the Ultraterrestrials "...are somehow able to manipulate the electrical circuits of the human mind."

There are so many variations of this "theory,” and each variation has such loose definitional parameters, that it is difficult to describe in a systematic way.

Some authorities, like Dr. Jacques VallBe, talk of Long-term cultural control by such intelligences, involving the world's leading religious movements, miracles, angels, ghosts, fairies, poltergeists, and the like, and they interpret UFOs as another (but more modern) manifestation of the same phenomena.

Such beliefs are not for all, however. According to VallBe, they are only for "...those few who have...graduated to a higher, clearer level of perception of the total meaning of that tenuous dream that underlies the many nightmares of human history."

Others, like Keel, are suspicious of the Ultraterrestrials' motives and a few integrate the new theory into there Previously established religious beliefs.

As with some other areas of the "psychic sciences," the Ultraterrestrials Theory lacks a cohesive synthesis. This is probably because of its (Proposed) nature; there is no way to go about obtaining empirical evidence to support the hypothesis.

That is, there is no "observation Window" one can look through to even evaluate the reasonableness of the Hypothesis.

The Extraterrestrials Hypothesis, on the other hand, does Have such an "observational window." To see it, one need only step Outside at night and look up; the question of whether or not Extraterrestrial visitation is possible can thus be evaluated, based on the data made available through the "window,” and everyone can usually agree on the data even if they do not always agree on the interpretation of the data.

Even some of the more unlikely UFO theories,
such as the Hollow Earth Theory, have "observational windows," thus enabling them to have an appropriate evaluation.

Although the Ultraterrestrials Theory has become fashionable in some European and American UFO circles and has gathered a substantial Following, it is little known among the public and has had little effect on public opinion.

Loved ones…times have changed

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