Angelic Infusion

Exploring the Realm where Mortals and Angels Meet

White Light Of The Holy Spirit


Wholly Conceptualize This in Your Consciousness.

Totally Perceive these experiences in your mind's eye.

Focus your prayers and petitions on surrounding those millions of
children, mothers, fathers and loved ones each suffering at the tragic losses
carried out as a result of acts of revenge by just a few fanatics
on absolutely innocent victims at the New York World Trade Center and Nation's Capitol.

I petition for
The White Light of the Holy Spirit
to enclose and surround you
Encompassing you
and your loved ones
with absolute White Light of Love
The Unconditional love
of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Breath in the visualized White Light through your nose,
relax and exhale
breathing slowly out of your mouth

Exhaling any Greed,
Exhaling any Anger,
Exhaling any Revenge,
Casting away any Pain.

Repeatedly fully visualize and effusively exhale
Those dark memories
as so much no longer needed burnt rubbish,
burnt ash, black smoke
Exhaled out , And away,
Discarded and gone
Vacating your physical vehicle.


Separating from your material body
Freeing you of unwanted cell memories,
and now allowing an all inclusive
Cell memory rehabilitation
and complete spiritual healing with the

White Light of the Holy Spirit,
the unsurpassed love of the Father
and the unconditional love of the Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ.

If it is Gods Will.

I petition and ask that in Mother Gods Name.

Enclose yourself deep within this orb of White Light
Your visualized embryonic sphere of
Luminous White unconditional love shinning eternal illumination .

A Divine White Light
of pure compassion and knowledge.

The White Light behind the causeless cause
Thee all omnipotent, because it purifies
all before it.

Resonate with this Unconditional Love,
This glistening eternity manifested from the Light of Gods Love.
That loving energy, which is permeating the veil of the Un-manifest
helping us to now be able to begin to understand
the nature of our true existence
and obtain a better understanding of
our spiritual reasons for being here on this planet,
gaining wisdom via synchronized learning of specific lessons.

Take a deep breath in through your nose
With each new deeper breath and deeper self initiated
inhalation of White Light
and with each visualized exhalation
of burnt ash, out your mouth
discarding pain and unwanted cell memories

You relax into the infinity of unconditional love,
the endless love of Mother and Father God.

You now feel the total
and complete protection of the bubble
the Orb of
White Light of the Holy Spirit
starting at the bottom
Feeling relaxation on the outer most bottom soles of your feet

Now moving upward
Into and around infusing, relaxing your ankles,
continuing upwards
all the throughout the many tissues of your legs relaxing them all,
Feeling complete relaxation.

The White Light of the Holy Spirit surrounds creating relaxation
and is moving up and into your thighs,
complete relaxation in your hips, all the way
Upward through to your centered inner charka
Your soul connection buried within your chest and heart region,
Your Christ Consciousness connection,
Infusing your entire physical body
with the balance and harmony of healthy tissues
Infusing absolute and total relaxation of the physical vehicle.

I petition and ask that in Mother Gods Name,
More relaxing than any time
Any prior incarnational Experience !

Each of your full cleansing, healing inhalations
becomes incredibly profound,
more and more tender and regular
and that tired, lethargic
mood of relaxation
emerges over the horizon
and the veil thins.

You now feel and visualize letting go.
You release and begin
Go ahead and permit yourself to take a relaxing trip along into a deeper
Sacred Repose
relaxing both of your white light surrounded hands and arms,
Relaxing all your Light infused fingers sensing the White Light of the Holy Spirit.
Shimmering and beaming light Providing the healing white radiance,
The shinning love
of Mother and Father God.


Relax and breathe deeply.

Inhale the White Light of the Holy Spirit
in thru your nose.

Take a deep breath.

Absorb the unconditional love.

Take in the eternal White Light of Love.

Breath in the Trinity Radiance Of the Holy Spirit

Use your will power, focus and unconditional love
To generate your sacred divine synergy
Innate within you
As you really are a child of God.


and then


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Fully Visualize the White Light of the Holy Spirit
Infusing your total
corporeal body and spiritual individuality
activating your personage
by resonating with your individual

Spark of the Divine

To protect and enclose a loved one
with the healing and protective
White Light of the Holy Spirit
You Petition for The Trinity.

One God
Manifested in three aspects:
The Father
The Son
And The Holy Spirit.

One blessed facet of Mother and Father Gods love for you
is included in your sanctified contract fixed in the
quantum hologram.

Pertaining to sacred spiritual agreements
Guaranteeing and providing you a
direct connection
to your Creator.

Numerous Teachings in the Bible
Report Our Lord clearly instructing his followers
To not be concerned
what to say when arrested and in prison,
To not be concerned what to say while brought before the court
and looking at examination before certain death
with immense pain and sacrifice.

In the Gospel of Mark 13:11
is testimony that Our Lord Jesus the Christ said

¡°Say whatever is given you in that hour,
for it is not you who speak,
but the Holy Spirit¡±

At this moment
Petition your Guardian Angel
to be of assistance to you
in navigating your own spiritual growth
towards your souls evolutionary spiritual goal.
Teaching you the relevance of experiencing your will
and the will of God in the creation of the
White Light of the Holy Spirit.

Conceptualize this your own undeviating personal bond
Your own Light of unconditional love in the Trinity.

Visualize this Luminescent Bubble of White Light
around someone you love.

Use your Will power.

on your own innate unconditional love
then reach up to
Our Father Who Are in Heaven.

Draw down and visualize the White Light
and reverberate from inside
your blessed sacred intention.

Petition your guardian angel
to facilitate your direct spiritual knowledge
En route for attaining and maintaining
that frequency of Christ Consciousness
as you are a spark of the divine.

Petition for the
White Light of the Holy Spirit
To surround and protect
All your loved ones.
Enclose and shield
Loved ones that are present
and enfold and safeguard our loved ones
that are not present.

Sending that orb or sphere
of conceptualized and petitioned
White Light of the Holy Spirit
Christ¡¯s Light of Unconditional Love
to you and all your Loved ones
is extraordinarily precious for ultra terrestrials.

You formally and directly request and petition to God
Straight forwardly
Appealing to
Mother and Father God
to encircle your loved ones
with those
Unconditional love energies
of unlimited quantity
created by our Creators.

You have the ability to petition for the
White Light of the Holy Spirit.

By surrounding your loved ones with this embryonic bubble of healing,
The White Light of the Holy Spirit
Youparticipate in the
birthing on this planet
of fragrant pink roses
formed of infinite love.

The creation of blossoms of protective love inside you
motivated by that same unconditional love

which resonates amid the love of
Our Lord Jesus Christ¡¯s
Internal Technologies.

You live thru and acquire ¡°love experience¡± as a
Gnostic Christian gaining spiritual knowledge.
An Earthly Spiritual education about the
Internal technologies
unlocking Sacred Gnostic Christian teachings
of protection and healing
taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You were created
connected to those sanctified
White Light of the Holy Spirit frequencies
which are inherent within our divinely consecrated components
at present in your
now physically incarnated body.

Brilliantly clear Loving Light frequencies of protection and healing
you can petition for
to be used and applied
in harmony with Gods Will shielding all your loved ones.

The intent you use
in sending your loving energies
creates an incredibly genuine channel

for White Light of the Holy Spirit
healing energies to flow along.

Usingyour spark of the divine
Usingyour will power and
Usingyour unconditional love
You manufacture a conduit
thru which spiritual energy,
Gods healing energy,
passes and causes the forces of form
to shape the physical planes
Resulting with healing and wholeness.

If it is Gods Will.

Be aware
it is simply in ratio
to the significance
a word has for us
That it becomes a word of power.

I petition for the White Light of the Holy Spirit,
To surround and protect you and all your loved ones.

As above so below.


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You are forever in my prayers
Samuel Joseph Bell

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